How to hide your Friends list on the New Facebook Timeline?

Back in the month of September 2011, Facebook talked about introducing a new kind of Profile for its users called the Timeline. Facebook finally began rolling out the Timeline worldwide from December 15th onwards.


The Timeline is a kind of a visual profile made up of your cover photo, your posts, photos and life events as they happened in time. In short, the Facebook Timeline is a chronological profile. How cool is that! For those who do not know about the Timeline and would like to read more about it or get it, you can click here.

As with all things related to Facebook, people went crazy as soon as the Timeline began rolling out and within a few hours the Facebook Timeline was trending on social networks and search engines all over the world.

The Facebook Timeline is really cool but at the same time it can be a stalkers paradise. There have been several talks about modern techno savvy thieves using social networks such as Facebook, twitter and location sharing service based networks such as foursquare to keep an eye on their victims and plan a robbery. However, we will keep that story for another day.

Coming back to the Timeline, prior to the update, I had set my Privacy setting to hide my Friend list from my old Facebook Profile so that only my friends could see the same. You wonder why? Simply because I did not want random people to look at my Friend list. But after upgrading to the Timeline, that setting was overridden and my friend list was displayed by default on the Timeline. I am sure many of you may also have been concerned about this issue just as I was. Moreover, the Privacy settings have changed and the setting is no longer available where it previously was.

Being the born troubleshooter that I am, after some minutes of tinkering around, I finally found where the setting was now hidden and have made things easy for you with some screenshots…

Once on your Timeline, click on Friends just below your cover picture as encircled in red below…
The New Facebook Timeline - - Click to enlarge







Next, on your Friend list page, click on the Edit button on the top right and then on the padlock and select the privacy setting that you wish to assign as shown below…

Facebook Friend List - - Click to enlarge





That’s it! You are all set!

Wasn’t that easy?

Feel free to let me know if you face any issues…

Share with your friends and leave a comment below if you found this useful or if there is something else you need help figuring out on the new Facebook Timeline…

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  • Dhawal D

    Hey that’s me who is blurred ;) :P

    • admin

      Yup, you got that right! You win a free RT / backlink from me on your next blog post ;-)

  • Df

    friends can still see the friends list even if you select “only me”

    • Anonymous

      No, not the entire friend list. Just the mutual friends :-)

      • Ssgreen2087

        But lower, within the timeline, the mutual friends are again shown with the option to “Show All.” Once clicked, the entire list is displayed regardless of privacy settings.

        • Anonymous

          Kindly recheck your settings. I can confirm to you that nothing more than mutual friends are displayed. Let me know if you need further help :)

          • Fran

            Nope, doesn’t work. Ssgreen2087 is right……lower on the timeline once clicked all friends can be seen.

          • InfoPlease

            It definitely doesn’t work. Every one of my friends supposedly has two thousand and something mutual friends – which is not the case. Does anyone know how to fix this??

  • Forealshayde

    i have changed my settings to only me and it don’t work? all friends can still be seen.

    • bumi

      follow as instructed…it works…:)

      • Tedi Spicer

        I did it too, and its NOT working.

    • Annn2001

      I did the setting too and not working, all friends cann see see! wrote to facebook and no reply!

  • AussieV8

    well it dont work , think fb made it impossibul to do so :(

    • Meia

      i figured it out for me.. it doesn´t work with the only me option but with the custom option.. you just leave the field blank where you can type in the persons who are allowed to see.. i left it all empty and now it really works.. good luck – hope it works for everyone

  • hmbwave

    Let us know when you find the real fix for hiding the friends list – all are hidden INCLUDING mutual friends. Any back door way? I don’t want my friends list posted, mutual or not.

  • Richystacks

    How do you hide specific friends on your lists from a person who isn’t your friend on facebook? Specifically for stocking purposes

  • Fran

    It doesn’t work. When you view as a friend timeline indicates how many mutual friends you have, but there is also a “see all” in that box which when clicked, allows them to view all your friends. My setting are set to “only me” – any suggestions?

  • Simran_hannah

    That so freakin works! Thanks a tonne! Really. You saved my life.

  • bumi

    it was that simple…..worked fo me…ty

  • Tedi Spicer

    My friends can still be seen….what else can I do?

  • Dc Jackson55

    I did that but it is now showing ALL of my friends as MUTUAL friends which they are NOT.
    Any ideas?

  • axay

    but still mutual friends are visible, i don’t want people to see my mutual friends alos

    • Anonymous

      Mutuals will show. That’s the way Facebook has designed it. Nothing you and me can do about it unless Facebook changes their mind :)

      • Liz

        The profile pics of mutual friends show, but the total NUMBER of facebook friends also shows. Has that not been your experience, techieideas? I’d like to hide the total NUMBER of “friends” as well as their names/profiles. Can that be done in your experince?

  • DJ

    I’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work. Any suggestsion?

  • DJ

    Same issue with privacy settings for friends list now working as all below. Has anyone figured this out? Please help!

  • elcidmusica

    nope, it’s definitely not working!:( i want to hide my total number of friends on timeline ( i don’t mind showing the mutual friends)…i selected ONLY ME as the person who can view full friend list, however, what it does is it shows the total number of friends as mutual friends! unbelievable…this should be fixed…i feel like my privacy is being violated:(

  • InfoPls

    Please please can some bright spark help us here? These settings do not prevent all friends from seeing one’s entire friends list. I have mailed FB and they simply did not reply.

  • Udaisa

    i did it and now no one can see my friends . thnx

  • Lmbbv

    I’ve done exactly as stated above and it works. Mutual friends show (that’s okay) but the number, e.g. 190, in brackets – that being my other friends. How do I hide that figure? Thanks.

  • ramesh

    thank you

  • Sircsataram

    Tnx for the useful info … IT WORKS ….

  • moooooca

    I don’t even have the edit option in the top right hand corner of the friends section..hello

  • surajprakash

    Work’s Fine :)

  • kyle

    i set it to friends. and my girlfriend cant see who i become friends with. in my recent activity box, it just has an event that i pressed going too.

  • kyle

    i can see who she becomes friends with. in her recent activity, on her timeline, it has everyone shes became friends with in the last two months. on my recent activity, on my timeline, it has none. and i have added people. what do i do

  • Jencutstyle

    Thank you for sharing the information…. it works! I would have been up all night searching and still come up empty. Thank a million

  • Zameerabid17

    thanks buddy

  • Rustyjames

    How do I hide my friends list and mutual friends! Please help me

  • Saad Mohamed

    Thanks a million!

  • Shivraj

    wow! its really cool . you can’t guess how much i was bother about it ,that how to change privacy . really indebted thynx

  • Sadia Ch

    Hi i did these two steps n hav done thnks for material.

  • Anil kumar
  • aksha

    why can’t i do it through my android? :(

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